Kerosene Tent Heater - Noritz Water Heater Tankless.

Kerosene Tent Heater

kerosene tent heater

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Sunset on the Parry Channel

Sunset on the Parry Channel

Home for the evening! "Home" was an 8' x 10' wall tent with a ground tarp, 3" foam mattresses, and caribou skins placed directly on the ice. We had a kerosene heater, two burner Coleman stove, and a Coleman lantern that burned all night for warmth. The inside of the tent was slightly above freezing, which was very comfortable considering it was between 25 and 40 degrees below zero Farenheit outside!

Kerosene Man

Kerosene Man

Kerosene is still a substantial oil used for cooking in Indonesia. Government has asked people to change to LNG, so perhaps someday kerosene seller will not be seen again along our street.

This picture is also dedicated to Waryaman Wardana who told that he had used this kind of service in Sendai, Japan.

kerosene tent heater

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