Buy Patio Heater

buy patio heater

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The Moon - 1\30\10 - Kansas City

The Moon - 1\30\10 - Kansas City

Before I left for work I went out back to check on the new bird bath heater I had bought earlier that day to make sure it was working.

As I walked out my basement door I spotted the moon up in the clouds in the east and I popped off a few shots.

My camera (maybe it's just me) has some really annoying defects one of which is it doesn't like to focus through anything. (See my indoor Liberty Memorial shots. I wish they made digital RF cameras. I miss my Canon) The Heater was working good, so I ran back upstairs and took some shots through my back bay window making sure I was looking through my 70 foot tall Sweetgum tree.

These are the results.



We bought this patio heater from a friend many years ago - it's never even had a gas cylinder fitted, never mind been lit.

Such patio heaters are now Bad and Wrong, and we try to be environmentally conscious. We were going to freecycle it, then it struck us that if it's not eco-friendly for us, it wouldn't be for anyone else. So Pete took it to bits, and he's taken it to the dump^H^H domestic disposal facility this morning

buy patio heater

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